MK Fusion

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MK Fusion is a duo band consisting of two artist's 'Missy J and Killa T'. The duo band began on June 9th 2012. MK Fusion fuses together HipHop, R'n'B and Dance music with Reggae, Soul and Desi Music. The two artists, 'Missy J' and 'Killa T' live in the UK and are from an Asian background. They are influenced by many artists, such as Michael Jackson, Tupac and Mariah Carey.

MK Fusion hope to spread their music on a global scale and create a fan base internationally. The duo have just recently released their new promo track called "After Party". The track is very upbeat and lively, 'After Party' was produced by the two young artists themselves at Missy J Studio's in London. MK Fusion are currently working on their new album and will be releasing more tracks very soon!

Watch Out for this new Duo 'MK Fusion' If u blink, you may miss it!